About Chogan

Chogan's fragrances are inspired by well-known brands. Chogan has contractual agreements with well-known manufacturers of fragrance essences, which also supply branded perfumes. Thus, Chogan perfumes are not copies or fakes, but are made in Italian production, inspired by the world famous fragrances.

Most perfumes available in perfumeries are eau de parfum, contain between 10% and 14% of fragrance essences and last between 4-6 hours. Our perfumes are Extrait de Parfum with a very high quality, contain between 15% and 30% of fragrance essences and thus last between 8-10 hours. Extrait de Parfum are the most intense and long lasting fragrances produced.

Another advantage of Chogan perfumes is that they do not contain water or chemical fixatives, but only alcohol called "Buongusto" (of agricultural origin, obtained from cereals and also used for alcoholic beverages). 

Chogan perfumes are made without animal testing. Most of the perfumes are also vegan. 

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The product details are intended to serve as a guide and merely show our source of inspiration. The inspiration refers solely to the fragrance, which is neither identical with another fragrance nor with the fragrance of another brand.We are then in no way and/or manner in a connection and/or relationship and/or cooperation with the mentioned or not mentioned brands.These brands, whether used as guidance and inspiration or not, are the property of their respective rights holders, with whom we are neither affiliated nor authorized by them: We do not sell, copy and/or imitate original fragrances of known brands.