Velvet Mat Matifying Make-up
Velvety, finishing care make-up for normal skin, and skin that varies in its condition or tends to oiliness.
30,80 EUR
1.026,67 EUR per
Time Control Phytocomplex Set
The Set contains:
3510 Q10 Phytocomplex Serum
3530 Q10 Phytocomplex Cream
3532 Eye Contour Cream
127,60 EUR
I.C.O.N. Detox Energy Shampoo
Detoxifying and cleansing Shampoo. Stimulates and refreshes the scalp while cleansing the hair. Promotes blood flow to create healthier strands. Protects hair color.
from 27,20 EUR
Energy C Complex is an intensive repair concentrate for the regeneration and stimulation of the facial skin.
23,00 EUR
1.642,86 EUR per
Restorex volume shampoo with collagen & biotin 500 ml
With its special formula containing collagen and biotin, it penetrates deep into the hair.
Gives the hair perfect volume for fuller and shiny hair, nourishes and repairs the hair strands,
strengthens hair from root to tip.
Is dermatologically tested and free of parabens.
8,90 EUR
Diamond Mineral Powder
Diamond Mineral Foundation is enriched with fine amethyst and tourmaline pigments.
16,20 EUR
2.314,29 EUR per
Lip Gloss
Particularly long-lasting colour-intensive texture for expressive lips, leaves the skin feeling pleasant, moisturizing.

Content: 8 ml
16,00 EUR
2.000,00 EUR per
BIOBLAS Argan conditioner spray
BIOBLAS Argan with organic argan oil liquid conditioner spray
11,90 EUR
59,50 EUR per
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BIOXINE for healthy hair

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hair loss


Bioxsine Care Shampoo for oily hair 300 ml
Bioxsine care shampoo for oily hair based on the active plant formula BioComplex B11 for effective reduction of hair loss.
RRP 12,95 EUR
Only 9,90 EUR
33,00 EUR per
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"Sustainability stands for something that is actually taken for granted, namely for frugality as well as conscious and respectful handling of the people and things entrusted to us. This results in an attitude and behavior that we want to practice every day in our company."
Elif Karatas, owner


Our sustainability goals

  • Use of a maximum of ingredients of natural origin in all recipes.
  • No unnecessary outer packaging and the use of 100% recyclable packaging materials.
  • Committed and satisfied employees.
  • Ecology with understanding and measure across the entire business field, from raw materials to marketing.

environmental Protection

As a company, the protection and preservation of the environment are extremely important to us - not only out of entrepreneurial conviction, but also out of social responsibility towards future generations.